What we do

Microfuge TubebioWerks is an early stage Vancouver-based biotechnology research and development company focusing on sustainable technologies for the future. Through identifying opportunities for creating progressive new technologies in collaboration with other organizations and academics, bioWerks hopes to build a sustainable relationship between technology and environment. bioWerks aims to be a source of long-term economic and environmental benefit for Canadians and to help Canada meet its sustainable development objectives.

bioWerks is developing renewable bio-materials to replace petroleum-based products. These products don’t involve the release of genetically modified organisms in the wild and use renewable raw materials as the starting point. Using a novel combinatorial approach involving synthetic gene libraries to engineer genetic diversity, bioWerks is creating and optimizing metabolic pathways to create renewable bio-based performance materials. Using a flexible approach in it’s proof-of-concept testing bioWerks aim’s to maintain a sustainable economic advantage with opportunities for long-term growth.

Who we are

bioWerks was founded in 2013 by Scott Pownall, PhD. to focus on the development of emerging synthetic biology technologies. He has received numerous awards and scholarships including from the Australian Society of Microbiologists, the Canadian Arthritis Society, the Medical Research Council of Canada and the National Cancer Institute of Canada. His career in the biological sciences started in 1988 at the Howard Florey Institute of Experimental Medicine and Physiology in Melbourne, Australia. He completed his doctoral research at the Biomedical Research Centre in Vancouver where he received his doctorate in Genetics from the University of British Columbia. Whilst at the Amgen Research Institute/Ontario Cancer Institute in Toronto he participated in the first human genome jamboree at Celera Inc. In 2002 he founded bioWerks Software Ltd. to develop bioinformatics tools for the Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals industries. Dr. Pownall has strong expertise in molecular genetics, synthetic biology and bioinformatics, and has a number of scholarly publications. Dr. Pownall has gained industrial experience in research and development whilst acting as Director of Molecular and Cellular Biology at enGene Inc. He is passionate about science and its role in innovation. Dr Pownall brings a deep commitment to scientific innovation.

Dr Pownall is in the process of raising seed financing through various channels to fund the development of bioWerks and drive innovation. The goal is to assemble a world class senior management team and establish a Scientific Advisory Board. bioWerks has made it a priority to develop its intellectual property positions and secure key patents for it’s technologies. Dr Pownall is in the process of establishing proof-of-concept of bioWerks‘ key technologies.

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